Paul Kimmage - 1988 postcard

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Paul Kimmage, Irish, 1962 -

Paul Kimmage was a talented, but - forgive me - rather unimportant, professional cyclist in the 1980s. His palmares are those of an amateur star in Ireland who went to Europe to become a hard-working domestique.

But his pen was mightier than his bike. After retiring in 1989 he wrote a book called 'A Rough Ride', which was published in 1990. It was amongst the first books to lay bare the culture of drug use in the peleton. From 2002 to 2012 he wrote for the Sunday Times newspaper, where he was a colleague and friend of David Walsh. The two journalists relentlessly (and a touch obsessively) pursued the subject of drug use in cycling, offending many in the cycling community - who would rather that the subject was quietly forgotten.

In particular David Walsh and Paul Kimmage repeatedly challenged Lance Armstrong about drug use by the US Postal team. I think it would be reasonable to suggest that Lance Armstrong would never have fallen from grace if it had not been for the two of them.

I have included this postcard because it shows Paul Kimmage, riding for the RMO team in 1988. His bike would have been fitted with a MAVIC 851 derailleur. As derailleurs of the time go, that's an afficionado's choice.

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