Ofmega - Gruppo Squadra

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This, typically tasteful, document, from 1988, describes the Ofmega mini-groupset used by the Atala-Ofmega pro racing team. This mini-groupset is called 'Gruppo Squadra' (Team Groupset!).

The rear derailleur is a 'special' Ofmega Premier, with the part number 5020 SQ, with the 'SQ' indicating its elevated 'Team' status. Some of its key features include:

  • A fixed cable stop with no adjuster
  • Rather dandy sealed bearing pulley wheels
  • Allen key adjusting bolts

I have to say that none of this seems particulalry 'Team' to me. Most of the Ofmega Premier examples than I have ever seen have these features - with the possible exception of the Allen key adjustment screws. But it's a lovely derailleur, even so.

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