New Cycling April 1964 - Wander-Vogel advert

New Cycling April 1964 - Wander-Vogel advert main image

This advert is something of a mystery. It dates from April 1964, the same month as SunTour’s first advert for the Skitter. It shows a Wander-Vogel Mosquito bicycle fitted with what appears to be a Shimano Archery rear derailleur. This advert appeared a full year before any of Shimano’s own adverts for a rear parallelogram derailleur. Shimano’s first adverts are for their Sportsman model which has a point on the bottom of the pulley cage. This point was subsequently designed away, and the model name changed to Archery. However despite the early date, this Wander-Vogel advert shows a derailleur without the point.

All very confusing for my attempts to build a coherent Shimano timeline.

As an aside, the Wander-Vogel brand is named after a government sponsored youth movement started in 1930s Japan devoted to healthy living, exercise and celebrating nature... etc. etc. (you’ll recognise the recipe - just garnish with a generous pinch of nationalism and...). This movement was itself an imitation of a slightly spooky German Romantic youth movement - hence the German name. The nexus of ‘the 1930s’, ‘government sponsored youth movements’ and ‘Germany and Japan’ does not seem to me to be a particularly attractive source for a bicycle brand name... But then it has never been my experience that Arbeit macht frei. And I never even much liked the Boy Scouts - I always felt that all those woggles and all that dyb-dyb-dyb-dob-dob-dob nonsense would end in tears - perhaps it will.

New Cycling April 1964 - Wander-Vogel advert main image