Murray - Your 5 and 10 Speed Derailleur Bicycle

Murray 1971 - Your 5 and 10 Speed Derailleur Bicycle page 1 main image

This, typically cheaply produced, set of instructions was issued by Marray in 1971. Despite the production values, it has some interesting features:

  • The picture on page 1 of the boy-next-door on his bicycle is one of Murray's signature images. Unfortunately, for instructions dedicated to derailleur geared bicycles, he is clearly riding a single speed. Nice sweater, though.
  • The image of a Huret Allvit on page 12 is rather fetching. I like the idea that it is shown upside down - as people are likely to work on their bicycles in this position.
  • 1971 is quite early in the Japanese invasion of the US bicycle market, and it is good to see the references to, and images of, the Shimano Archery (page 14 and page 15). I think this is the only US document that I have that reaches all the way back to this derailleur. Strangely the Shimano image is not upside down - Oh well!
  • The instructions mention a 'superbly engineered' 'lightweight' bicycle. Whatever can they be referring to?

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