microSHIFT 2011

microSHIFT catalogue - 2011 front cover main image

This catalogue is from a pdf downloaded from the microSHIFT web site in about 2013. It is surprisingly low resolution - I have a higher resolution paper copy and must get around to scanning it.

The image on the cover is of a microSHIFT Arsis (R66S), but the pages of the catalogue show the newer versions. The new derailleurs for model year 2011 were:

  • microSHIFT Arsis (R69SC) and microSHIFT Arsis (R67SC) - with a new outer parallelogram plate
  • microSHIFT White (R69SW) and microSHIFT White (R67SR) - also with the new outer parallelogram plate
  • a new 10 speed road series of similar quality called microSHIFT Bona with a smokey grey finish somewhat reminiscent of contemporary Shimano Ultegra models
  • a new 10 speed road series with slightly lower price point called microSHIFT Centos, desigend to compete with Shimano 105
    • a new 9 speed top end mountain bike series called microSHIFT Marvo XE
    • a new 9 speed mid range mountain bike series called microSHIFT Marvo LT
    • microSHIFT M55 is relabled as microSHIFT M55L
    • microSHIFT M45 is relabled as microSHIFT M45L
    • microSHIFT M35 is relabled as microSHIFT M35L.

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