MESKO - Instrukcja Obsługi Rowerów

MESKO - Instrukcja Obslugi Rowerow front cover main image

This is the earliest of the Polish instruction books in this collection. Despite being produced by MESKO, it pioneers much of the content of later booklets produced by ZZR and Romet.

I particularly enjoy:

  • The 1960s coloured blocks used in the design of the cover.
  • The signature graphics that reappear again and again in later booklets, including the hand tightening of the saddle tension bolt (page 28) and the use of wooden blocks in the removal of a cotter pin (page 24).

The ZZR derailleur (a single cable copy of a Simplex Tour de France) is extensively discussed from page 19 to page 23.

  • Publisher: MESKO
  • Country: Poland
  • Date: 1963
  • Derailleur brands: ZZR
  • Derailleurs: ZZR pull-chain design