Memoriale de la Loire et de la Haute-Loire
5th October 1925 - Super Rapid advert

Memoriale de la Loire et de la Haute-Loire 05-10-25 main image

This is an advert placed in a local St-Étienne newspaper by Louis Valat. It has nothing to do with derailleurs, except that I believe that Établissement Louis Valat produced the Super Rapid brand of derailleurs, amongst other bicycle related products. The advert gives an address for this business.

A bad, but entertaining, translation of the advert might be:

"We seek a good shorthand typist, with knowledge of cycle parts if possible. Beginners should abstain rigorously. Contact Mr. Louis Valat, 36, rue Voltaire, St-Étienne."

I like to abstain rigorously from a number of activities; jogging, watching 'Strictly Come Dancing' and playing tedious modern board games are some that spring to mind.

(Source gallica.bnf.fr/ Bibliothèque nationale de France)