MAVIC Trade Catalogue 90/91

MAVIC Trade Catalogue 90/91 front cover main image

This comprehensive Trade Catalogue features the Mavic 840, MAVIC 841 and MAVIC 845.

The versions of Mavic 840 and MAVIC 841 shown are the familiar versions, with a conventional allen key hanger bolt and dropout adjuster.

However, the version of the MAVIC 845 shown is one that I have never seen in the flesh. It attaches to the dropout hanger using an allen key screwed in from the inside and has an extravantly shaped pulley cage - using a design typical of Simplex. And, indeed, all three derailleurs were manufactured by Simplex.

I have seen this dropout attachment system on an early Mavic 840, but never on a MAVIC 845, perhaps one day I will.

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MAVIC 841 1990

MAVIC 845 1990