MAVIC Technical Information - 1989?

Mavic Technical Information - 1990? scan 1 main image

This document is a set of technical information sheets for each of the components in the MAVIC range. Scan 8 and scan 9 give installation instructions for the derailleurs.

This technical information was provided by Mavic Inc. (the US importer of MAVIC). I note:

  • It refers to the MAVIC 851 SSC and MAVIC 801 Pro, not plain vanilla MAVIC 851, MAVIC 801. Perhaps the US market needed a touch more reassurance that these beautiful objects were truly professional level.
  • Scan 8 also shows part numbers for the MAVIC 803 long cage derailleur but does not say whether this also attracts the 'Pro' name.
  • Finally, the MAVIC 853 long cage derailleur is not mentioned. It was present in the 'MAVIC Catalogue 88-89', but has been ommitted here.

I believe that this document dates from 1989, because it reports on MAVIC's history and successes up to and including 1989, but does not show the MAVIC 840 series of derailleurs that are shown in the 'MAVIC Trade Catalogue 90/91'.

  • Publisher: MAVIC
  • Country: France
  • Date: 1989?
  • Derailleur brands: MAVIC
  • Derailleurs: MAVIC 851 SSC, MAVIC 801 Pro, MAVIC 803