Maurizio Fondriest - 1989 postcard

Maurizio Fondriest - postcard scan 1 main image

Maurizio Fondriest, Italy, 1965 -

Maurizio Fondriest was a successful Classics specialist from Italy, renowned for his elegant style.

He won the World Road Race Championship in 1988, as a slight, fresh-faced, 23 year old. While the Worlds was possibly his most prestigious achievement, his favourite victory was in the 1993 Milan-San Remo, on the day his first daughter, inevitably named Vittoria, was born.

As a youth, and during his riding career, he liked to work on his bicycles and after he retired he started his own company manufacturing bicycles.

In terms of derailleurs, Maurizio Fondriest used a Campagnolo C-Record during his Worlds ride.

This card was issued a year after his Worlds title when he was riding for a different team, Del Tongo-mele Val Di Non - but still using Campagnolo. The reverse side of the card shows the Del Tongo 'Alice' range of kitchen furniture - impressively modern for 1989. If you go onto Del Tongo's web site today, you will find that they still style themselves as the 'kitchen maniacs'.