Marelmo - promotional video

The Marelmo web site, from 2001, allowed you to download a video in three parts - very modern for the time. Here is that video.

I note:

  • Due to connection speeds at the time it is incredibly low resolution and best viewed through the wrong end of a telescope.
  • When you add the three parts together there is an alarming bad edit between the end of the second part and the start of the third.
  • It's good to see a rider in a promotional video using toeclips and straps. Although this was incredibly retro, even at the time.
  • The very-English commentary is delivered with a bored, laconic, contempt that has something of the flavour of a 1960s Bond-girl describing how to deactivate a nuclear warhead on a speeding railway train. This derailleur clearly leaves the narrator neither shaken nor stirred.