Lucien Aimar - photo 1973

Lucien Aimar - photo 1973 main image

Lucien Aimar, French, 1941 -

Lucien Aimar was one of a number of cyclists who were lucky enough to have their own career peak in that tiny gap between the 'age of Jacques Anquetil' and the 'age of Eddy Merckx'. Aimar was a domestique on Anquetil's team in 1965. In 1966, after Anquetil had retired from the Tour, Aimar was given the great man's blessing to go on and win it.

I believe that Lucien Aimar used a Campagnolo Record (1020) derailleur to win the Tour in 1966.

This photo shows a glum-looking Lucien at the Tour in 1973.

(Source nationaalarchief.nl Dutch National Archive)

Lucien Aimar - photo 1973 main image