Lubao derailleur main image Lubao derailleur main image Lubao derailleur main image

Another brand that I know little about. The derailleur below is branded ‘Lubao’ and has pulley wheels stamped ‘Charger’. I am told that Lubao was the brand of Ko Shaing Industrial Co. of Taipei, Taiwan. I am also told that the Lubao copies of the Shimano Tourney were, cheekily, called Lubao Lark. Finally I have been sent pictures of an adventurous, aluminium, Lubao ‘MTB’ derailleur, strangely with a short cage, that is rather reminiscent of a Suntour aRX (4300).

I may be dreaming but I think I remember Lubao derailleurs on particularly odd bikes - possibly a spectacularly dis-functional 5 speed folding bike and a peculiar blend of a commuting bike and a Raleigh Chopper. Both bikes were, I think, manufactured in Taiwan by bicycle brands that I had never heard of - and now cannot remember.

The ‘Charger’ brand is more familiar and I remember it as a rival of Falcon. I was surprised that I could not find anything about it on the web.

Finally there is a history of Taiwanese derailleurs branded ‘KS’. These may, or may not, have anything to do with Ko Shaing Industrial Co.

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Lubao 1985?