Lon Haldeman - 1982? postcard

Lon Haldeman - postcard scan 1 main image

Lon Haldeman, American, 1958 -

This postcard was produced by SkidLid, a long-forgotten helmet manufacturer that was a serious player in the early 1980s. It features Lon Haldeman, an ultra-endurance cyclist who won the 1982 Great American Bicycle Race, an event that, in later years, came to be called the Race Across America. The route was 2,968 miles, from Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, to the Empire State Building in New York. Lon Haldeman completed the course in 9 days and 20 hours - an average of just over 300 miles per day.

One of Lon Haldeman's sponsors, alongside SkidLid, was Excel, and Lon used Excel Ultimate derailleurs, manufactured by Rino, on his amazing ride.