Le Nouveau Dérailleur Super-J.I.C.
Modèle Sport

Le Nouveau Derailleur Super-JIC Modele Sport - scan 1 main image

This is one of three very, very, similar documents that are in this collection. The other two describe ‘Le Nouveau Dérailleur JIC Champion Modèle Sport’ and ‘Le Nouveau Derailleur Super-Inax Modèle Sport’. All three documents use an identical image and very similar text. The numbering of the arrows on the JIC versions of the document is not sequential - very odd.

At one point or another, this design of derailleur seems to have been called JIC Champion Sport, Super-JIC 49, Super-JIC Sport, Super JIC Course and Super-Inax Sport. And that’s before you start worrying about whether it’s Super-JIC with a hyphen or Super JIC without. And I thought that Simplex were bad at using consistent, understandable model names...

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