Le Nouveau Dérailleur J.I.C. Champion
Modèle Sport

Le Nouveau Derailleur JIC Champion Modele Sport - scan 1 main image

This is one of three very, very, similar documents that are in this collection. The other two describe ‘Le Nouveau Dérailleur Super-JIC Modèle Sport’ and ‘Le Nouveau Derailleur Super-Inax Modèle Sport’. All three documents use an identical image and very similar text. The numbering of the arrows on the JIC versions of the document is not sequential - very odd.

At one point or another, this design of derailleur seems to have been called JIC Champion Sport, Super-JIC 49, Super-JIC Sport, Super JIC Course and Super-Inax Sport. Note the cunning use by JIC of the words Champion and Super - given that Super Champion was arguably the definitive derailleur brand of the time.

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