L'Auto 5th July 1937 - Huret advert

L'Auto 5th July 1937 - Huret advert main image

This July 1937 advert contains all the information that is also in the equivalent April 1937 advert:

  • The Huret range is composed of two models, the Huret Course Pro and the Huret Touriste. It is not clear what differentiates them.
  • These can be fitted to the dropout, without clamps or braze-on fittings.
  • One of these models weighs a creditable 250g (presumably the Huret Course Pro).
  • They are the only derailleurs trustworthy enough to be used for cyclo-cross.
  • They appear to be manufactured for Huret by Chaluret.

Again the derailleur appears to be operated by a rigid cable that can transmit torque, a bit like the ones later used by Huret to drive its speedometers. This cable seems to turn a cog that is mounted on its end which, in turn, drives a toothed, sliding, shaft in and out.

There are two main differences between this advert and its April sibling:

  • The drawing is much clearer.
  • The pulley cage plates are cunningly shaped rather than being simply round. The old, round, pulley cage plates may have rotated with the pulley, the new shaped pulley cage plates are clearly static.

You can see a photograph of this model here.

(Source gallica.bnf.fr/ Bibliothèque nationale de France)

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