La famosa Fiat 501 del celebre 'Cambio Vittoria'

La famosa Fiat 501 del celebre 'Cambio Vittoria' scan 01 main image

On the one hand, this document is a typical example of post-war Vittoria publicity - full of nostalgia for the old days when Vittoria ruled the derailleur world, but offering nothing. In fact the entire product range of the Vittoria company appears to have shrunk to a single product - a tub carrier that fits behind your saddle. Further evidence for a post-war date is the fact that only Amedeo Nieddu is mentiones, Tommaso is nowhere to be seen.

On the other hand, this leaflet prominently displays unreconstructed fascist attitudes such as regarding the Cambio Vittoria as 'italiana imperiale avanguardia del progresso ciclismo nel mondo' (which might translate as something like 'the Italian imperial vanguard of cycling progress in the world'. I would have thought that celebrating Italy as an imperial world power was conspicuously unfashionable immediately after the Second World war.

Faced with these contradictions, I have plumped for a post-war date, and guessed that Amedeo was suffering from chronic delusions of nationalist grandeur.