La Bicicletta Guida '85/86 - I componenti da corsa

La Bicicletta Guida 1985 November - I componenti da corsa scan 01 main image

This fantastic resource is a buyer's guide to Italian cycle components dating from November 1985. The rear derailleurs are listed on scan 3 and scan 4.

32 rear derailleurs are listed as follows:

  • Rino Supercrono
  • Rino Leader
  • Rino Elegant
  • Rino Elite MTB

  • Campagnolo Super Record
  • Campagnolo Nuovo Record
  • Campagnolo Rally Touring
  • Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport
  • Campagnolo Valentino Extra

  • Campagnolo C Record
  • Campagnolo Victory Corsa
  • Campagnolo Victory Leisure
  • Campagnolo Triomphe Corsa
  • Campagnolo Triomphe Leisure
  • Campagnolo 990
  • Campagnolo 980

  • Galli Professionale
  • Galli Sport
  • Galli Ritmo

  • Gian Robert 1003 Competition
  • Gian Robert 3002 System
  • Gian Robert 2002 Campione

  • Gipiemme Cronospecial
  • Gipiemme Special
  • Gipiemme Cronosprint
  • Gipiemme Sprint
  • Gipiemme White Laser

  • Miche Competition
  • Miche Superfast
  • Miche Trofeo

  • Ofmega Premier
  • Ofmega Mistral

This listing is invaluable - but unfortunately I still do not know what actual derailleurs these models names describe!

Some other items of note include:

  • Prices are given for some models. These are vaguely interesting - for example Gian Robert's top of the line Competition model is cheaper than Campagnolo's lowly Triomphe and 990 models.
  • There is a certain amount of information about the material the derailleur is made from, its weight and the range of rear sprockets that it can handle. This is potentially useful information, but I am slightly confused by some of it. For example, my example of a Gian Robert System has the same pulley cage length as my example of a Gian Robert Competition. But, here, one is claimed to handle a 13-32T freewheel and the other only 13-20T. Typically odd, in a 1980s-Italian-kind-of-way.
  • The Campagnolo range is a mess - a confusing and indecisive mélange of old and new ranges.
  • In general Galli, Gian Robert, Gipiemme, Miche, Ofmega and Rino all list surprisingly extensive ranges of components. Groupset fever is rife.
  • FiR and Regina each list a number of different components but no derailleurs.
  • Stella is still in business and lists its spokes but no other types of components.