La Bicicletta 1988 July - Atala Super Sprint

La Bicicletta 1988 July - Atala Super Sprint scan 01 main image

This review of a, somewhat utilitarian, Atala Super Sprint bicycle features an Ofmega Mistral derailleur. I never really expected the Mistral to be fitted to a 'shopping bike', but here it is. The images are not especially clear, but you can tell that the derailleur has the following attributes:

  • It is black.
  • It has short (42mm) parallelogram arms (note the small space between the adjustment screws).
  • It has a fixed cable stop (i.e. without an adjuster).
  • The b-pivot Allen bolts and p-pivot spring covers are steel.
  • The p-pivot bolt is chromed.
  • The pulley wheels have long teeth.

If you check out the various versions of the Ofmega Mistral on this web site, you may agree that these features make it a very late version.

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Ofmega Mistral (10th style) black thumbnail