La Bici - Campagnolo advert

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This advert reads something like this:

"The difference between a Campagnolo component and any other component is barely visible.

But it is essential.

A bolt. The pivot bolt for a derailleur. One piece of titanium. A Campagnolo jewel. Among the numerous titanium alloys, one has been selected: 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium and 90% titanium, this guarantees an ultimate tensile strength exceeding 107 kg/mm2 with a weight of only 11.15g.

The same component in steel weighs 18.90g. So 7.75g has been saved, but with increased reliability and durability. To make a bolt like this one must start from a bar and machine each piece with special tooling adapted to the hardness of the titanium.

It is a difficult technology requiring hard work. To make a bolt like this you need to combine computerized machines with craftsmanship, machines working elbow to elbow with craftsmen of unmatched experience. It is the result of years of experimentation by the Campagnolo Research and Development Department, which today is already planning for the cycling of tomorrow. To make a bolt like this you need a history of more than 50 years of races and victories on roads all over the world.

To make a titanium bolt with tolerances of less than a hundredth of a millimetre you have to be Campagnolo."

It's a beautiful bolt.

La Bici - Campagnolo advert main image

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