Kraftwerk - Tour de France

Kraftwerk, as any fule kno, is one of the finest beat combos of all time (surely only challenged by Captain Beefhart and his Magic Band). Crucially Kraftwerk pioneered the art of dancing by standing perfectly still - which remains my own preferred metier to this very day. Whether you also always find them in the kitchen at parties is not recorded.

Wikipedia comments:

“In 1982 Kraftwerk began to work on a new album that initially had the working title Technicolor but due to trademark issues was changed to Techno Pop. One of the songs from these recording sessions was "Tour de France", which EMI released as a single in 1983. This song was a reflection of the band's new-found obsession for cycling. After the physically demanding Computer World tour, Ralf Hütter had been looking for forms of exercises that fitted in with the image of Kraftwerk; subsequently he encouraged the group to become vegetarians and take up cycling. "Tour de France" included sounds that followed this theme including bicycle chains, gear mechanisms and the breathing of the cyclist. At the time of the single's release Ralf Hütter tried to persuade the rest of the band that they should record a whole album based around cycling. The other members of the band were not convinced, and the theme was left to the single alone. "Tour de France" was released in German and French. The vocals of the song were recorded on the Kling Klang Studio stairs to create the right atmosphere... During the recording of "Tour de France", Ralf Hütter was involved in a serious cycling accident. He suffered head injuries and was left in a coma for a few days.”

Circumstantial evidence that vegetarianism can induce a coma...

This film was published on Vimeo by James Lord Productions (who possibly produced the video), so I don’t control the link and I apologise if it does not work.

  • Artist: Kraftwerk
  • Producers/Labels: Kling Klang (my scratched vinyl copy was published by EMI)
  • Themes: Film, Music
  • Trivia related by brand: none
  • Date: 1983 (this version may possibly date from 2003?)
  • Derailleur brands: unknown
  • Derailleurs: unknown