Kosmos 1956
Präzision-Werke Bielefeld advert

Kosmos 1956 - Prazision Werke Bielefeld advert main image

Präzision-Werke Bielefeld was the manufacturer of the Durex range of coaster brake hubs, and was also manufactured Simplex gears under license in Germany.

This advert is interesting in that it depicts the likely user of a Simplex derailleur as being a skirt-clad woman wearing a puff sleeved blouse. This is somewhat at odds with Lucien Juy’s attempts to associate the Simplex brand with Tour de France winning athletes.

The typical user of a Durex hub, on the other hand, appears to wear a racy sleeveless top and to enjoy dance moves later made famous by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.