Kharkov - Pasport Velocipeda B-37

Kharkov - Pasport Velocipeda B-37 scan 1 main image

This is guarantee or service card for a Model ‘B-37’ bicycle. Like the 1967 B-130 model (but unlike the 1966 B-130 model), this appears to meet GOST 5503-65. Perhaps the ’65’ part of the number refers in some way to 1965, and in a cunning, Kafkaesque, Soviet kind of way this standard only came into force in 1967. I know only too well that British Standards tend to follow exactly this kind of convoluted, counter-intuitive pattern.

This model appears to have a 56cm frame and 27*1 1/4” wheels. The three speed derailleur system seems to offer the option of a freewheel with 16, 18 and 20 teeth or 16, 20 and 24 teeth. The derailleur is described as being a ‘parallelogram type’.