Kharkov - Pasport Velocipeda B-33 1960

Kharkov - Pasport Velocipeda B-33 1960 scan 1 main image

This is a guarantee or service card for a Model ‘B-33’ bicycle.

This model appears to have a 56cm frame and 27*1 1/4” wheels. I interpret ‘количество передач три’ as meaning that it had three gears, and, even more spuriously, I would speculate that ‘переключатель передач - двухроликовый’ means ‘derailleur - sliding type’. Putting this all together I would say that lucky owners of the 1960 model B-33 enjoyed the luxury of a pull-chain rear derailleur running over a three speed freewheel. Any readers who can genuinely read Russian should feel free to correct me!

I do rather like the cover picture of the disturbingly elfin cyclist who seems to have the body and limbs of a teenage girl, but the head and shoulders of a 1950s Lounge Lizard. His footwear also warrants some serious investigation.