Kharkov - instructions
for B-542, B-555 & B-64

Kharkov - instructions for B-542 B-555 & B-64 - front cover main image

For the cover of this instruction book the city of Kharkiv’s landmark Derzhprom (Palace of Industry) Building has been pared down to a basic, black and white, graphic. The printing quality has also declined from earlier booklets - but some of the strange style still shines through.

In terms of derailleurs you want to turn to page 6 and keep reading until page 8. The picture on page 7 clearly shows a derailleur that I have called the Kharkov (2nd style) or Kharkov (3rd style) - although the drawing seems to me to show a shorter pulley cage than those on the examples that are in this collection.

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Kharkov derailleur (3rd style) thumbnail