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Joe’s products were made by Joe Glader’s company Prototype Machining, in Denver. The first Joe’s derailleur was introduced in 1995 and produced until 1997, it was a very arty design. The second Joe’s model is the one included here.

In the late 1990’s, Ingenuity Sports of Altadena, California, bought a number of small, high end, US bicycle component companies, starting with Mantis in 1995, and including Critical Racing and Carmichael. At some point the second Joe’s design, or possibly the whole Prototype Machining company, was acquired by Ingenuity Sports and the derailleur was possibly rebranded as Carmichael.

Frank Berto ascribes the demise of the various CNC derailleurs, such as Joe’s, to Shimano’s 1996 introduction of the XTR groupset. Personally I think that there is only so far that natty anodising can take you - consumers quickly found that the CNC derailleurs did not change especially well, were easily damaged and were ferociously expensive. Manufacturers equally quickly found that they could make better money and provide a more useful service by concentrating on other more niche components.

Still, it was a wild and colourful party while it lasted.

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Joe’s 1998?

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see also Rhino - Stuff for 1995

  • Publisher: Rhino
  • Date: 1995
  • Derailleur brands: Rhino
  • Derailleurs: Rhino Racing
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