JIC-Champion - business card

JIC-Champion - business card main image

I believe that this is a business (or advertising) card handed out at a French trade show in 1949. It shows that:

  • At the time, the full name of JIC was ‘Societé JIC-Champion’.
  • It had previously been called ‘Établissement Veuve Charles Jeanmot’ which might roughly translate as ‘the establishment of the widow of Charles Jeanmot’.
  • JIC was based in Puteaux, a suburb North West of Paris, not a million miles from Nanterre, the home of Huret.
  • When listing its various lines of business JIC puts manufacturing derailleurs first and in the largest typeface.
  • Amongst JIC’s other lines of business, I can understand the special racing frames and wing nuts but what exactly is a ‘home-trainer médicaux’?

  • Publisher: JIC
  • Country: France
  • Date: 1949
  • Derailleur brands: JIC
  • Derailleurs: none