Jean-Pierre Monseré - 1971 Brakman cigar band

Jean-Pierre Monsere - 1971 Brakman cigar band main image

Jean-Pierre Monseré, Belgian, 1948 - 1971

Jean-Pierre Monseré had a brief and tragic cycling career. After excelling as an amateur, he turned professional in 1969, riding for the top-rated Flandria team. In 1970 he won the World Road Race Championship, staged that year in Leicester, England. At 21 years of age, he was the second youngest rider ever to be World Champion. He looked set for stardom.

On March 15th 1971, riding a race called the Grote Jaarmarktprijs, while wearing the Rainbow Jersey, he was involved in a collision with a car that was on the course and was killed. He died on the road side.

I believe that he used a Campagnolo Nuovo Record (1020/A) to win his world title.

This image of Jean-Pierre comes from a cigar band dating from 1971. It is one of two images of him on this web site, the other is here.