Japan's Bicycle Guide 1976

Japan's Bicycle Guide 1976 - front cover main image

This copy of Japan's Bicycle Guide 1976 is clothed in a plain cover branded with the name of Asia Machinery Trading Co. Ltd.. Asia Trading has long been one of the companies that actively back Japan's Bicycle Guide, and I think that, as such, it got the chance to distribute some copies under its own cover.

The derailleur content is identical to the 1975 edition except for the following differences:

  • The era-defining Shimano 600 and Shimano 600 GS have arrived.
  • The Shimano Positron indexed derailleur system has also been launched.
  • The range of DNB (also called Danube, or Xenoah) derailleurs has completely change. The, very 1970s, dropped parallelogram designs of 1975 have gone. Instead the, very 1960s, DNB 66 has mysteriously made a comeback.