International Patent # 2015/068125 A1 - Tiso

International Patent 2015/068125 A1 - Tiso main image

This patent describes elements of Tiso's wireless electronic derailleur system.

Although the inventors are listed as Claudio and Davide Tiso, the patent is held by Xinet Bicycle Engineering srL. This company appears to be Italian, appears to be separate from the Tiso company, and also appears to specialise in electronics for bicycles. By the date of this patent (2013) publicity material for Tiso had stopped mentioning the electronic derailleur system.

This 2013 patent is similar to Claudio and Davide's patents from November 2012, in that it describes gear controls on the handlebar that communicate wirelessly with a controller box mounted down by the gears. This box then communicates through wires with the front and rear derailleur. This is very similar to the way that the FSA K-Force WE system functions, and I believe that Claudio and Davide's played some part in the development of the FSA K-Force WE.

However this patent notably differs from the earlier patents in depicting a mountain bike, rather than a road bike.

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