Huret Accessoires
Cycles Cyclomoteurs Motos - 1978

Huret Accessoires Cycles Cyclomoteurs Motos - 1978 front cover main image

Another classic catalogue from Huret. I can’t help noting:

  • A whole page devoted to an alluring cotton cap, a fetching display box and two different types of sticker (the inside front cover).
  • That the Chepy I plant can produce 6,000,000 derailleurs a year - despite having virtually no workers’ cars in its car park (page 1).
  • Developing a new European tradition of doing things slightly worse than the Japanese, but charging considerably more for them, Huret responded to the wild popularity of the SunTour Power Lever by introducing the Ratchet gear lever (page 11).

In terms of the derailleur range, the changes from the 1975 catalogue are:

  • The Jubilee makes a welcome appearance (reappearance?).
  • The change to the technology of the Challenger is complete with the Success, the Challenger II, the Eco and the Duopar all present and the flat plate designs such as the Svelto and the Luxe conspicuously absent.
  • The Allvit and Super Allvit have become even nastier and have been renamed Allvit III and Super Allvit III. To put icing on the cake, they have been joined by the supremely pointless Allvit Safety III. Three generations of pointlessness - imagine!

  • Publisher: Huret
  • Country: France
  • Date: 1978
  • Derailleur brands: Huret
  • Derailleurs: too many to list - see individual pages

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