Huret Accessoires
Cycles Cyclomoteurs Motos - 1975

Huret Accessoires Cycles Cyclomoteurs Motos - 1975 Front cover main image

I have a soft spot for 1970s Huret catalogues with their fiercely ‘modern’ Huret logo in ghastly yellow, their curiously irrelevant maps of the Burgundy region and, of course, the ever-present tricolore.

This 1975 edition introduces the new Challenger design (page 1) that went on to dominate Huret’s design thinking for the best part of a decade.

Also of interest are:

  • The whole page devoted to solving the needlessly created problem of fitting Huret derailleurs to various types of rear drop out (page 16).
  • The incomprehensibly large range of ugly, rattly, inaccurate speedometers and of all the spares that you will need when they inevitably break (pages 18 to 23).
  • A page (page 24) showing gear ratios in both British ‘gear inches’ and French ‘development’ - which could be useful if you have to get through a long evening sharing a youth hostel with a group of French cycle tourists.

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