Honda - web site 2018

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These pages are taken from the Honda Worldwide web site in 2018 - but they were produced many years earlier and had not (yet) been taken down.

Image 1 is of a news item from February 2003 announcing the brand new Honda RN01 downhill bike with its internal derailleur transmission, designed to minimise unsprung weight. For the 2003 race season this revolutionary bike was to be mainly used in domestic Japanese competition.

Image 2 gives some details of the specification of the 2004 Honda RN01 bike. This indicates that the transmission had 7 speeds. In 2004 the G Cross Honda Team used the Honda RN01 in a full season of world class races.

Image 3 gives details of the specification of the 2005 Honda RN01 bike. The figues given are very slightly different from those for 2004, possibly indicating that the bike was still being developed.

  • Publisher: Honda
  • Country: Japan
  • Date: 2018
  • Derailleur brands: Honda
  • Derailleurs: Internal derailleur in Honda RN01