Hercules - Wonder Wheels 1955

Hercules - Wonder Wheels 1955 page 1 main image

This 1955 Hercules catalogue does not have quite the brilliant look of the 1954 version - but it contains some tiny jewels of its own:

  • The idea of partaking of a jolly good cycle ride while smoking a pipe (page 4).
  • The idea that you cycle down your long, long driveway in order to wag your finger at the gardener (page 5).
  • It would be a rare modern marketing executive who included a picture (page 14) of a vicar talking to a young schoolboy in a catalogue!
  • The flat cap wearing artisan cycling past those satanic mills (page 18).
  • You can’t beat a good drum-up (page 23).
  • I enjoyed the various calculations scribbled on the front and back covers (page 1 and page 32). You need all the experience of using base 12 and base 20 number systems that you can get.

In the world of derailleurs, the days of the Hercules Herailleur (featured on page 31) are numbered. It is shown on only 2 models and offered as an option on 4 more. The Cyclo Benelux derailleur is now shown on one model (see page 23) and offered on two more.