Heinz Müller - 1952 photo no. 2

Heinz Muller - photo 1952 02 main image

Heinz Müller, German, 1924-1975

Heinz Müller won the World Road Race Championship in Luxembourg in 1952.

During his Worlds-winning-ride his mount was a Bauer bicycle fitted with an Altenburger S-O derailleur. Following his victory Bauer launched a new top-end model called the 'Weltmeister' and Altenburger renamed their competition derailleur 'Champion'.

Heinz Müller was born in Tuningen, near Schwenningen, Germany, in 1924. He raced as an amateur for Radsportverein 1906 in Schwenningen and joined the Bauer professional cycling team in 1949. Schwenningen was a world centre of watch making and Frank Berto reports that Heinz Müller was a skilled mechanical engineer. Frank Berto, further, goes on to suggest that Heinz Müller worked with Altenburger, who were based not far away, near Schaffhausen, to develop their derailleur system.

Heinz Müller won his Wold Championship on 24th August 1952, and this photo shows his triumphal return to Schwenningen on 26th August, to be greeted by a parade from the railway station to a presentation in the local concert hall.

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Heinz Muller - photo 1952 02 main image