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Constellation Records froths at the mouth over Hangedup and their album ‘Clatter For Control’ as follows;

“This viola and drum two-piece anchors grinding string work to kinetic, crashing percussion. A powerful instrumental avant rock duo melding East-European folk, American minimalism and musique actuelle with the white heat of no-nonsense punk abrasion...

An impossibly huge sound ... with jigs, reels and air-raid drones pummelled along by some of the heaviest polyrhythmic skinbeating we’ve ever heard. An unbelievably beautiful racket that finds the band utterly on fire, swooping and slamming around with varying degrees of controlled chaos... Eric and Gen play as if sharing the same cortex and spine...”

After reading that I feel like I have been seared by the white heat of no-nonsense nonsense - but it has made me slightly curious about the music.

According to the sleeve notes, the band is Eric Craven on ‘sticks’ and Geneviève Heistek on ‘bows’ - precious or what? But I do like Jeremy Gordaneer and Michael Beard’s cover art very much.

From the various addresses I would guess that Hangedup hail from Montreal, but the track ‘Derailleur’ was recorded in Paris - presumably while they were swooping and slamming around on a world tour.

I bought a CD so that I could peruse the cover art - but, as ever, Hangedup’s ‘Derailleur’ is on SoundCloud or iTunes, where you can check out that polyrythmic skinbeating and see if you like it.

  • Artist: Hangedup
  • Producers/Labels: Constellation
  • Themes: Music
  • Trivia related by brand: none
  • Date: 2005
  • Serial number: CST034-2 (for the album ‘Clatter For Control’)
  • Derailleur brands: none
  • Derailleurs: none
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