Golden Sun -
Bicycle Component System 2003?

Golden Sun - Bicycle Component System 2003? front cover main image

I think that this catalogue, in the form of a low resolution pdf, dates from 2003. It features a very familiar range of components (copies of cheaper Shimano items to a man), a very familiar name (‘Bicycle Component System’) and an equally familiar smattering of spelling mistakes (page 1 is headed ‘Compamy’).

It has its bizarre moments. The touring cyclists on the front and rear cover appear to have cycled out of the early 1980s. Images of BMX feature on a double spread of 8 and 9 speed cassettes (page 6 and page 7). And a page of thumb shifters and Grip Shift-lookalikes is illustrated with a moodily faded image of racing bicycles (page 11). It must all make sense to someone.