Gipiemme - catalogue 1984

Gipiemme catalogue 1984 - front cover main image

This, very 1980s, catalogue shows Gipiemme offering 7 groupsets:

  • Cronospecial - the top of the line.

  • Special Strada - a road groupset.
  • Special Pista - a track groupset.
  • Special Cross - a cyclocross groupset (which is included in the table but not pictured for some unfathomable reason).

  • Cronosprint Aero (interestingly called 'Cronosprint Nero' in the table - perhaps for a sopt of cycling while Rome burns...).
  • Cronosprint Classic (which is also included in the table but not pictured).
  • Cronosprint Economy.

In terms of derailleurs, all the models shown are Simplex items branded up as 'Gipiemme' with a plain sticker without any World Champion's coloured bands. The Gipiemme Exploit, manufactured by Campagnolo, is notable by its absence. The 'correct' names of the various models are fairly obscure but I would go with:

  • Gipiemme Cronospecial (800AS) - this is included in the Cronospecial and Sprecial Strada groupsets. I think it is a lightly-disguised Simplex SLJ6600
  • Gipiemme Cronosprint Aero (800CS) - this is included in the Cronosprint Aero groupset. My guess is that it is a Simplex LJ4000 travelling under an alias.
  • Gipiemme Cronosprint Economy (800DS) - this is included in the Cronosprint Economy groupset. My guess, this time, is that it is a Simplex SX610.

I do not know what derailleurs were included with the Special Cross and Cronosprint Classic groupsets.

This is the earliest Gipiemme catalogue that I know of that shows derailleurs. For this reason I think that the very first Gipiemme derailleurs were these Simplex models with plain branding.

Many thanks to Fernando in Argentina for alerting me to the page on the Gipiemme web site that provides these fascinating scans!

  • Publisher: Gipiemme
  • Country: Italy, derailleurs manufactured in France
  • Date: October 1984
  • Derailleur brands: Gipiemme, Simplex
  • Derailleurs: Gipiemme Cronospecial (800AS), Gipiemme Cronosprint Aero (800CS), Gipiemme Cronosprint Economy (800DS)