German Patent # 1,945,108 - Ofmega

German Patent 1,945,108 - Ofmega main image

This is the earliest Ofmega patent that I could find. It has nothing to do with derailleurs - but it does shed some light on the history of Ofmega.

Firstly it refers to the company name as “OF. ME. GA”. There are full stops after the “OF” and the “ME” but not after the “GA”. This lends some credence to the legend that the company was originally called something like “Officine Mecchaniche Giostra”.

Secondly it describes the company as being owned by Dino Perotti. There is no mention, at this early stage, of Mario Perotti.

Finally it demonstrates that the company was in business in 1966.

Folding pedals - coooool.