Gaston Rivierre - 1923 photo

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Gaston Rivierre, French, 1862 - 1942

Here we see a 61 year old Gaston Rivierre mending a puncture during the 1923 edition of the Critérium des Vieilles Gloires (which might translate as the Criterium of the Dodgy Old Has-beens). Gaston was an early enthusiast for 'vet' racing - and may even have been a prime mover in its invention. If so, he has a lot to answer for.

I believe that Gaston Rivierre's mount is a Le Chemineau bicycle fitted with a Le Chemineau 3 speed derailleur.

And I like the spectator wearing the tie, trousers with knife edge creases and an Ecky-Thump hat.

Aside from being an accomplished cyclist, Gaston patented a number of derailleur designs of his own, including a very early design for a parallelogram derailleur

(Source gallica.bnf.fr/ Bibliothèque nationale de France)

Rivierre - photo main image
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