Gaetano Belloni - 1922? postcard

Gaetano Belloni - 1922? postcard scan 01 main image

Gaetano Belloni, Italian, 1892 - 1980

Gaetano Belloni was born in Pizzighettone, near Cremona, Italy. He had a very successful cycling career including winning the Giro in 1920 and, perhaps most pertinently, the Milano-Sanremo in both 1917 and 1920.

He is included on this web site because his name is included on the Sanremo derailleur. I believe that Gaetano Belloni lived in Milano after retiring from cycling, and you might speculate that he was involved in the manufacture of the Sanremo derailleur possibly in Milano. You could, further, speculate that the derailleur was named 'Sanremo' in honour of his two famous victories.