French Trademark # 1,266,328 - JIC

French Trademark 1,266,328 - JIC main image

In the 1930s JIC was a bicycle component company run by one Charles Jeanmot and based in Puteaux, a suburb North West of Paris. In 1984 a Charles Jeanmot (possibly the son of the original founder), based in Nanterre (very close to Puteaux), registered this trademark. My notion is that the company’s products are described as

“Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary equipment and instrument, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth, orthopedic articles, sutures. Vehicles, appliances for locomotion by land, air or water, toys and games, gymnastic and sport articles not included in the other classes and Christmas tree decorations.”

It’s an eclectic mix - but presents many synergistic opportunities - I would be pleased to decorate my Christmas tree with some colourful, gleaming, false eyes and teeth.

French Trademark 1,266,328 - JIC main image