French Patent # 888,564 - JIC

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This patent betrays its times. It is issued by the ‘État Français’ (French State) not the more usual ‘République Français’ (French Republic), indicating that it was issued under the German occupation. Like French patent # 922,775, it is issued to ‘Madame Veuve Jeanmot, née Germaine Fasquel’ which might mean roughly ‘The Widow Jeanmot, maiden name Germaine Fasquel’. It reminds me of the time at Wimbledon that tennis player Chris Evert was referred to on the scoreboard as ‘Mrs John Lloyd’. The fact that Chris Evert was world famous under her own name, but only tennis fans had heard of John Lloyd, her much less successful husband, did not trump archaic protocol.

The patent itself is for one of JIC’s signature parallelogram derailleur designs - this one is the single pulley, ‘racing’, version - represented in this collection by the Super JIC Course and the Super-Inax Sport.

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