French Patent # 567,964 - As

French Patent 567,964 - Super As main image

This patent covers Claudius Bouillier’s design for his Super As (Super Ace) derailleur that he considered to be a close ratio, sporting (rather than touring) model. The patent suggests that you use a rear wheel with two or even three cogs on either side of the hub, high gears on one side, lower gears on the other. The wheel can then be switched around, in the style of a double fixed hub. The patent also suggests that, on a particular side of the hub, the smaller cog should be in board, next to the spokes, with the bigger cog outside, next to the frame.

Unlike l’As, the Super As was operated by a cable pulling a toggle chain. The prestigious Automoto bicycle brand, a by-word for quality at the time, had fitted some L’As derailleurs to its touring models. Automoto then decided to take on the manufacturing of the Super As and to fit it to their racier models.