French Patent # 448,304 - Matocq

French Patent 448,304 - Matocq main image

There are a lot of features included in this patent for a 6 speed transmission using a triple chainwheel and a double freewheel - a combination that looks bizarre to modern eyes. However, I am not sure how many of these features are truly original. The derailleurs themselves look rather similar to Terrot designs of the generation of the Terrot Numéro 1 (see French Patent # 396,696 and French Patent # 396,696 Addition # 10,418). Terrot had also covered the idea of ‘pick up teeth’ in these patents. The chain tensioner looks somewhat similar to the first Boizot patent (see French Patent # 406,967).

Henri-Michel Matocq claims to have shown his device in September 1911 at the 11th Concours des Petits Fabricants et Inventeurs Français, however even this earlier date is years after the Terrot and Boizot patents mentioned above.

Henri-Michel Matocq features elsewhere on this site, as he advertised a tandem fitted with a de Vivie gear system in the May 1908 TCF Revue Mensuelle.