French Patent # 2,637,249 - Ofmega

French Patent 2,637,249 - Ofmega Scout main image

Ofmega developed the idea, covered in this patent, of using a rotating flange, attached to the pulley wheel, as the ‘pusher plate’ that nudged the chain onto larger sprockets. The flanges would be plastic - and therefore quiet, they would be replaceable, and they would rotate at chain speed - reducing friction. All in all, it might, just, have been a brilliant idea.

I remember this system as appearing on a model called the Ofmega Scout, and I remember the flanges as being fluorescent pink. However I can provide exactly no evidence to support these memories - no brochures, nothing on ebay or velobase and no one else who claims to have even heard of an Ofmega Scout - so it may all have been a psychedelic dream. Far out, man....