French Patent # 2,261,922 - Simplex

French Patent 2,261,922 - Simplex main image

J'Accuse... Lucien Juy of being an unabashed patent troll. As evidence for the prosecution I present this 1974 patent for a low-cost, pressed steel, slant parallelogram, derailleur with a 'quick cage' and the option of being able to extend the length of the pulley cage. Sound familiar? Do you think it just might be a defensive spoiler against the growing sales of SunTour in Simplex's core markets?

At least Lucien had the decency to include one original touch: a ludicrously large, whimsically shaped and dubiously effective pusher plate on the outer pulley cage plate. This was the European fashion of the day (see Campagnolo Gran Turismo and Campagnolo Nuovo Valentino Extra).

Badness combined sautéed in madness.