Follow the Stars - Fit a Cyclo Benelux

Follow the Stars - Fit a Cyclo Benelux scan 1 main image

This leaflet features the mid-1950s Cyclo Benelux derailleur. It also introduces the Cyclo Benelux Sport - the same basic gear but with a ‘super’ finish. This seems to largely consist of:

  • A full-colour branded hanger bolt.
  • A chromed volute spring.
  • A toggle chain protector built into the lower pivot nut.

It’s good to see Eileen Sheridan prominently featured on the cover in the middle of a group of Cyclo’s more familiar male heros. Despite being only 4’ 11” (150cm) tall Eileen Sheridan dominated British women’s cycling in the late 1940s and early 1950s, particularly excelling in long distance time trials and setting point to point records. I believe that her solo women’s record for London to Edinburgh set in 1954 is still standing today.