FK Day - 2018 photo

FK Day 2018 main image

At the 2018 Rouleur Classic show, in London, I was invited to decorate a tiny cubicle with a collection of 100 historic, significant or interesting derailleurs. It was all a bit last minute and cramped - but kind-of worked OK.

FK Day was present at the show talking about World Bicycle Relief. FK is one of the founders of SRAM and the brother of Stan Day, SRAM's long-time CEO. Stan is the clean-shaven one with the neat, corporate, haircut. FK is the bearded one with the distinctly-not-corporate-at-all pony-tail. He seemed like a good guy.

I took this iPhone snap of FK standing in my tiny booth - it's almost a selfie, but all the better for not having me in it. Younger readers will be interested to learn that we used to use the word 'portraits' to describe selfies, like this one, that were missing the photographer.

  • Publisher: SRAM
  • Country: USA
  • Date: November 2018
  • Derailleur brands: SRAM
  • Derailleurs: nothing specific
FK Day 2018 main image